How PhoneSheriff Cell Phone Monitoring is Enhanced by Filtering Features

Cell Phone FilteringPhoneSheriff is the name of a powerful app for cell phone monitoring but the makers of the product enhance it even more with a robust set of filtering features. Not every maker of this type of software provides filtering or blocking as it is also called but PhoneSheriff does. Here’s more about how PhoneSheriff implements filtering in its product.

The Challenges without Filtering

Without the filtering capabilities of cell phone monitoring with PhoneSheriff you as a parent or employer lose the ability to be proactive and can only act on inappropriate activity after the fact. Without these filtering and blocking features you cannot:

  • Enforce company policy pertaining to the use of employee-issued smartphones
  • Prevent your teenager from browsing inappropriate websites when away from home
  • Restrict your teenager’s calls to only those friends whom you approve of
  • Keep cell phone usage from spiraling out of control
  • Prevent inappropriate apps from being installed on company-owned smartphones and your children’s smartphones

Filtering and blocking puts up the walls to keep unwanted activity from happening on the monitored cell phone before it becomes a bigger problem.

1. Website Filtering

Website Filtering

Cell phone spying with PhoneSheriff takes a somewhat different approach when it comes to website filtering than do other makers. The company makes the product so that you can filter by categories such as “Adult”, “Violence”, and “Pornography.” This allows quick filtering and is preferred over the need to enter individual website URLs. Thus, if you have a teenage son who likes to look at porn sites, you can filter by that category.

2. Custom Filtering

Website filtering as it pertains to cell phone spying with PhoneSheriff is not an exact science. In fact, it is not an exact science with any filtering software on any computer. For instance, some websites may not be categorized under “Violence” yet they are obviously violent and inappropriate for your children. This is where custom filtering allows you to fine tune your website blocking strategy.

Through their feature of custom filtering with a black list and a white list, you can hone website filtering down to the small details. As previously said, this feature contains a black list of websites that are not allowed and a white list of those that are.

Custom Filtering

Why is a white list needed? This is because with filtering there is always a possibility that a site might be blocked when actually it shouldn’t be. Once you are made aware of it, you can add it to the white list.

3. App Filtering

Inappropriate apps present a few problems when it comes to smartphones. These include apps that are of a sexual/violent nature, time-wasters, and disturb standard configuration.

The last on the list, disturbing standard configuration, presents a problem mostly for business and PhoneSheriff cell phone spying and filtering software can help. Businesses do not want non-business related apps on the phones that they own. These apps can create nightmares for company technical support if there are problems with the phones because of apps not needed for work.

On the other two points, you don’t want your children downloading game apps on their smartphones that are sexually-oriented or extremely violent. And, time wasting can apply to any unneeded app.

Application Filtering

With the filtering and blocking capabilities of PhoneSheriff, you can define those apps to block. The spy software on the monitored phone sends a list of apps to the secure control panel area for you as the subscriber to view. You then block those that you deem as inappropriate.

4. Filtering of Contacts

PhoneSheriff cell phone monitoring and filtering when it comes to contacts is done through the custom filtering panel. Not only can you enter blocked websites in the black list but phone numbers as well.

Contacts Filtering

These filtering features become important when you as a parent don’t want your child calling or receiving calls from friends who a bad influence on them or worse yet strangers who could be sexual predators.

5. Restriction on Call Times

Do you want your child speaking on the telephone when she should be doing her homework? Do you want your employee using his phone after hours for unofficial business? This answer is obviously of course not.

With the PhoneSheriff cell phone spying and filtering features, you define times when it is okay to call on the phone and when it is not. It is a helpful tool that will also save you money because it keeps usage in check and encourages your employee or child to get back to the job at hand be it work assignments or homework.

Filtering when it comes to cell phone tracking is a powerful feature that enables you to be proactive and PhoneSheriff answers the call. Be a proactive parent and employer and purchase your PhoneSheriff subscription today.