How to Install PhoneSheriff

Purchasing and installing the PhoneSheriff monitoring app is simple however you need to make sure of a few items so that the process is even smoother.

  • Ensure that you are the owner of the smartphone
  • Make sure that it is compatible with PhoneSheriff
  • Get control of the smartphone to be monitored
  • Jailbreak iPhones or root Android devices

Keep in mind that you cannot just install PhoneSheriff on your friend’s phone because you are curious. You must have direct responsibility and ownership over the device that you install PhoneSheriff on.

Parents buy smartphones for their kids and employers pay for the smartphones they issue employees thus it is perfectly acceptable to install the cell phone spy on these devices.

Installing and Using PhoneSheriff

While you may think that software of this caliber takes a bit of technological know-how to install and use, such is not the case. You can get up and running with PhoneSheriff in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase PhoneSheriff. Just go to the PhoneSheriff website and click on the “Purchase” link. You will need to agree to their legal and service terms and then pay with the billing information from your credit or debit card.

Step 2: Download the app and install it on the smartphone to be monitored. Once you have made a successful purchase of the PhoneSheriff cell phone spy product, check your email because they will send you a copy of your purchase receipt, URL for downloading the cell phone app, and installation instructions.

Step 3: Watch the information as it comes in to your subscriber control panel. After installing the software, it immediately begins working in stealth mode to send all information from the monitored cell phone’s logs and multimedia storage to the PhoneSheriff server. The information, once received at the server, is indexed so that you can view it through the control panel with your individual login.

Step-by-step Guide to Install PhoneSheriff (Video)

How to Install PhoneSheriff on iPhone

This video will show you how to install PhoneSheriff on iPhone. Downloading and installing the Phone Sheriff app is easy and just takes a few moments.

PhoneSheriff Install and Configure for Android Phone

Install and Configure PhoneSheriff on BlackBerry

No doubt you see now that PhoneSheriff is easy to install and put into use. It is just as easy to use because it does its work of sending you logs with little interaction on your part.

The most important aspect of it is that it sheds the light as to the activities of your child, employee, or spouse that you have your suspicions about. Don’t let the “wool get pulled over your eyes” as they say. Get the PhoneSheriff cell phone spy and keep abreast of the truth without delay.