Keeping Your Kids Safe with PhoneSheriff

Protecting Your Children with PhoneSheriff Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Keeping Your Kids Safe

The PhoneSheriff cell phone monitoring product makes it possible to protect your children from the threats that lie out there by using their smartphone. Due to the fact that PhoneSheriff helps you be a proactive parent, you can tackle these dangers before they harm your children. What follows is how they do this with PhoneSheriff’s spy product for cell phones running Android, iOS (iPhone), Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Without PhoneSheriff on Your Child’s Smartphone

PhoneSheriff App

Without the PhoneSheriff cell phone spying app running on your child’s smartphone, you are looking at all sorts of potential problems to include:

  • Not knowing who their friends are
  • Sexual predators trying to meet up with your child
  • Not getting homework done because of excessive time on the phone
  • Teenagers becoming vulnerable because of irresponsible camera use

PhoneSheriff enables you to perform your primary responsibility as a parent and that is keeping your children safe from the pitfalls of irresponsible phone use. The next sections explain how the product’s features help you do this.

Know Who Their Friends Are

With the PhoneSheriff tracking software running on your child’s smartphone, you can know the friends they are calling and chatting with. The features provided to you to do this include voice call logging and logging of all text messages such as those from SMS, iMessage chats, and emails.

If you believe that your teenagers are linking up with friends who promote parties with alcohol or using drugs, it will show up in the logs sent by the PhoneSheriff app. It will also show up in the monitored phone’s contacts file as strange numbers or names that you can question your child about. You get all of the tools that you need to be an involved parent.

Keep the Predators Away

It may be that a sexual predator has found the contact information for your child. Maybe your child inadvertently gave him contact information innocently and not knowing the dangers involved. Without PhoneSheriff running on your child’s smartphone you would never know that this danger is lurking around the corner.

With PhoneSheriff, strange numbers might show up in the call logs but more than likely strange messages will show up in the SMS, chat, and email logs. Plus, with PhoneSheriff you get to see the full text of the message.

Furthermore, you can set alert notifications with certain keywords to bring to your attention sexual predator inquiries on your child. For example, you could set up a keyword such as “meet” to alert you of anyone wanting to meet with your child.

Watch Them Do Better in School

Is your child getting poor grades in school? Maybe your child has dark circles under his or her eyes most days because of lack of sleep. The problem might be that your child is staying awake at night and chatting on the smartphone. It could be that homework time has become chat time instead. However, without PhoneSheriff cell phone monitoring software running on your child’s phone, you would never be able to determine this.

With PhoneSheriff, you can define times when to lock their phone thus disabling its use. Then, your child can get back to homework and go to bed at a decent hour.

Be Responsible with the Camera

Kids love the cameras on their smartphones and it’s no problem because photos are free to take. But some like to push the envelope when it comes to photos. Teenage girls sometimes like to take self-shots while in different levels of provocative dress for instance. Teenagers also like to take photos at parties where drugs are being used or alcohol consumed. To them, these photos are somewhat of a trophy—a testimonial to their boldness.

But without a cell phone spying app running on their phone such as the PhoneSheriff product, you as a parent would have no idea of photos like these being taken.

If the photos stayed on your teenager’s phone, it would be one thing. But typically, they share their “trophy” photos on social networks, as email attachments, and MMS messages. This is what could become an open invitation to a predator. In the case of photos of parties where underage drinking or drug use has taken place, it could mean trouble with the law if the photo gets into the wrong hands.

With PhoneSheriff, all photos and videos taken on the monitored phone are uploaded to your secure subscriber control panel area. Even if the user of the monitored phone deletes them, you’ll have still captured them before that.

There are other features with the PhoneSheriff cell phone spying app such as real-time GPS tracking so that you always know where your child is. There are just too many dangers for your children in today’s world. Utilize the help that PhoneSheriff provides when it comes to protecting them and buy your subscription today.

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