PhoneSheriff: Features You’ll Love

The special features provided by the PhoneSheriff cell phone monitoring product enable you as the administrator to manage what could be an incredible amount of data uploaded to your secure control panel area. They also provide the ability to:

  1. See the health of all monitored phones in a one-look fashion
  2. Backup data on the server and optionally the monitored device
  3. Clear data from the server area
  4. Reduce the data into reporting that you can use

And they do it all from a single control panel with intuitive navigation so that you can quickly and easily get the information that you need.

1. Multiple Device Management

When cell phone monitoring, it is helpful to know about the condition of the phone that you are monitoring. For example, if it stops sending information, being able to quickly determine that the phone’s battery is dead will explain things. Or, if you are not getting GPS tracking information then a simple check on the device would show that its GPS is switched off.

Device Management

With PhoneSheriff, you get a comprehensive view of every phone that you have the cell phone monitoring app running on—in a one-page, one-look, view. It shows each phone’s operating system, how much SIM card memory is used, battery life remaining, on/off status of the phone’s GPS, wi-fi, Bluetooth and network carrier signal.

And this is not all, you also get commands for the individual target phone to uninstall the PhoneSheriff app, backup/restore its data, and remotely restore its factory settings. These come in handy if the phone is lost or stolen.

2. Backup Capability

Backups are one of those things that don’t become important until you need them. Having said this, there’s no reason not to have a backup of the target phone’s data with PhoneSheriff software.

With PhoneSheriff, you can back up all call, SMS, and contacts data making these files available should you need to either restore them to the target phone or just reference for analysis.

Creating backups or restoring information is easy. You just select the tools icon on the line item for the phone that you are monitoring and select what to backup or restore. Optionally, you can also backup data and store it on the monitored phone which makes the information restorable in the event it is lost on that target phone.

3. Usage Reports

Usage ReportsBusinesses are the most concerned about usage when it comes to cell phone spying on company-issued cell phones. While most makers of this type of software provide facilities for downloading logged call data in CSV, XLS, or PDF format, PhoneSheriff make it just a bit easier by providing you with usage reports right from the control panel in the form of bar charts for each monitored phone.

You get five classes of usage reports with PhoneSheriff cell phone monitoring making it easy to spot where the smartphone’s user is spending the most time. These are:

  • Ten Most Texted Numbers
  • Ten Most Dialed or Received Numbers
  • Ten Most Visited Websites
  • Ten Most Emailed IDs
  • Ten Most Used Applications

Think about the wealth of knowledge that you could learn about the activities of your child or employee with cell phone spying that combines this handy reporting feature.

4. Archive Capability

This is actually an extension to the backup and reporting capability of the PhoneSheriff monitoring application. However, this gives you more flexibility when it comes to backing up your data. The PhoneSheriff Archive App is a free download for installing on your PC when you purchase a subscription.

phonesheriff archive desktop application

Within the Archive App, you can:

  • Select which logs to download
  • Choose from a wider range of logs
  • Specify a date range for the downloading the information or select all
  • Download information in CSV, PDF, or XLS format
  • Download all photos and videos
  • Clear all logged information in the subscriber control panel once archival has finished

The PhoneSheriff Archive App creates a way to clear your subscriber control panel when the information is no longer needed. Thus you can focus on current information while you are tracking.

These special features make PhoneSheriff one attractive and powerful cell phone monitoring software and they’re quite impressive considering the affordable price that you pay. Read my phonesheriff review, find out more, and get your subscription as soon as you get cell phone.