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How to Monitor a Cell Phone

If you’re in need of a method of keeping track of a cell phone to stay informed with what is going on, mobile monitoring software is the most efficient and cost effective route to take. Monitoring software is an easy way for parents as well as employers to monitor their phone to discover what texts and emails are being sent, what websites are being visited, what photos/videos are being taken, what apps are installed and much more. Below is a quick summary of steps that can be taken to monitor cell phone activities with stealth monitoring software.

Step 1: Choosing software to monitor a cell phone

Just like in any market, there are several different cell phone monitoring software applications available to purchase, but users should be informed and choose smartly so they get one that is within their budget and monitoring needs. We’ve tested more than 50 spy software to find the best ones — Check out our picks for the best spy apps. Some monitoring apps provide few basic options to monitor your device, while some others will offer multiple features. Software such as PhoneSheriff offers numerous monitoring options and features for all your smartphone monitoring needs.

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One note to keep in mind before buying is… not all monitoring software are going to work on every phone. Users should verify whether their device to be monitored is going to work with the software or not before spending their hard earned money. Also, steer clear of any ads claiming that their software can be installed from a distance without needing to physically have access to the phone you wish to monitor. Phone spy software must be installed directly, physically possessing the device to be monitored is a must in order to initially install.

Step 2: Installing the spy software

Installing a spy software can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes depending on your level of tech experience with installing mobile apps. Immediately after purchasing, you’ll receive detailed instructions to assist and guide you through the entire install process. Before beginning with installing on the device, users will first create a user login so they can log into the online control panel to view recorded data from the device.

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Step 3: Monitoring your device

After the software is installed on the phone to be monitored, it records and uploads recorded information in complete stealth to an online account for viewing. This user control panel account can be accessed from any internet enabled computer, tablet, smartphone or other device using their user name/password. In the control panel, users are able to view photos/videos taken, GPS locations, notes saved, websites visited, emails and much more.

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PhoneSheriff is a powerful monitoring resource assisting parents with getting to the bottom of what their teens and young kids are doing on the tablet or smartphone. At the same time, PhoneSheriff is also a beneficial tool utilized by business employers (big and small), helping them ensure employees are only using company issued smartphones for intended business related purposes only.