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PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition Released

Editor’s Note: PhoneSheriff Investigator has been discontinued. If you’re looking for an alternative, take a look at the mSpy without Jailbreak Solution.

The world of technology has not made parenting easy. There are so many negative things, that cause children to make choices that could have lasting effects on their lives. That is why it is important that parents have a way to monitor their children’s technology.

Perhaps, the hottest item among children is the devices made by Apple. These include, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. These devices are internet ready, and can do all the basic functions that a computer can do. However, these devices are highly mobile and make it easy for children to hide their mischievous behavior.

PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition

phonesheriff investigator edition

There is a new sheriff in town, and he has given parents the ability to know their child’s every move. The PhoneSheriff Investigator is an actual desktop app, which means you do not have to install any type of software. Best of all, there is no need to pay for a subscription.

PhoneSheriff Investigator is a spin-off the highly acclaimed PhoneSherriff parental control and monitoring software. Except with the new Investigator app, there is no need to jailbreak an iPhone for monitoring to take place.

How is Monitoring Possible on an iPhone without a Jailbreak?

The PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition can be run on Windows Vista, 7, and 8. It is capable with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that uses is 5.x , 6x or 7.x.

Now you have the ability to monitor the latest IOS operating systems without having to jailbreak the device.

PhoneSheriff Investigator has made it possible for parents to securely monitor their child’s device without the need of installing software. It is a comfort to know what your child is doing even when they are not with you.

PhoneSheriff Investigator Free Trial

Looking at Activity Logs

With other monitoring applications it is necessary to log into the software’s control panel to access reports. The PhoneSheriff Investigator allows you to use iCloud technology. All content can be downloaded to a specified program on your computer. Parents like the fact that activity logs are never stored anywhere, but on their computer.

This is possible because it is a standalone program, not a software that has to be downloaded. The developer of the app will never see any logs that are recorded. This is the most advanced technology developed for mobile device monitoring.

View Activity

With the increasing popularity of the Apple product line, this product has broken the monitoring world wide open.

What Does This App Monitor?

PhoneSheriff Investigator has all the popular monitoring tools that parents have grown to love. All content, including messages and text message, along with call history, photos, notes, contacts, the latest GPS location will be recorded in the iCloud account.

There is no limit on how many IOS devices that you can monitor, as there is never any need to buy more than one license of the program. For a limited time, the PhoneSherriff Investigator can be downloaded and used for a 7-day free trial period. Simply download the software, and you will have access to a limited number of each log type for the next 7 days.

Click Here to Try PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition Free for 7 Days!

This will help you see exactly what the PhoneSheriff Investigator software can do. Best of all, you will not have to provide credit card information to activate the free trial. Once you see the power that this monitoring software has, you are sure to want it for the long run.

There is no obligation to buy, so why not give the PhoneSheriff Investigator software a try. This program has made monitoring iPhones much simpler because there is no need to download software or jailbreak the iPhone device. There is a version for Mac OS X in the works. Check back often for the continued advances that the PhoneSheriff Investigator developers are releasing.