PhoneSheriff Version 2.5: What’s New?

PhoneSheriff is an advanced monitoring system that has continual growth. Parents have raved about this software for years, and have used it to track activity of their children on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. But it just got even better, as PhoneSheriff announce the release of their newest 2.5 edition. This software has already won numerous awards, and is sure to sweep more with this advancement.

PhoneSheriff Version 2.5

Old version

Although, parents have been content with the features of the older version, this new version offers more. Parents enjoy features such as call log info, URL history tracking, creating time restrictions, tracking GPS locations, photo/video monitoring and much more. The new 2.5 version of PhoneSheriff brings new additions that enhanced the already impressive collection of monitoring features that they offer.

New Features

PhoneSheriff designed their 2.5 version with a parents need in mind. They took previous features and enhanced them, as well as adding on some new ones. Updates to SMS monitoring and Restriction feature are included in the 2.5 version. The Real-Time Tracking now allows users to retrieve updated locations with a click of a button.

Here are some other additions to look forward to with the PhoneSheriff 2.5 version release.

Messenger Logs

  1. Anti Abduction – With so many abductions happening PhoneSheriff knew this would be a feature that parents would truly appreciate. This feature allows parents to deter abduction of their child by tracking the phone, activating the stealth photo option, and taking a recording of the surrounding area. All of these will help a parent feel more secure about their child’s safety.
  2. Panic Alert – At any time, a child can push a button to alert their parent that they are in danger. This is a fantastic feature to give a child who is worried about the outside world. Not only can a parent get the security they need about their child’s safety, now a child can be reassured that when in trouble they can get help. When the alert is activated it will instantly alert the parent with the child’s GPS location, so they can get to them quickly.
  3. Messenger Logs – This new version allows parents to monitor iMessages, BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger logs.
  4. Settings – In the older version, all changes had to be made from the actual device. The 2.5 version allows parents to make any changes remotely through the online control panel.

Why PhoneSheriff

The PhoneSheriff monitoring software has been around and knows what is important when it comes to a child’s safety. That is why they have won multiple awards for their amazing monitoring efforts. It’s also the reason parents continue to turn to them for their monitoring needs. As new needs arise, they continue to update and grow. Technology advances quickly and you can rest assure that PhoneSheriff will always offer the newest technology available.

When it comes to your child’s safety you want the best possible solution. PhoneSheriff offers a quality monitoring software backed by years of serving parents with their child’s safety needs. The new edition of the 2.5 version gives parents more features and enhances some of the already loved features that they already offer.

Full list of features:

Here is a quick list of all the amazing features that this software has to offer.

  • Call History
  • Monitoring SMS
  • Anti-Abduction Mode
  • Panic Alert
  • Messenger Logs
  • Track GPS Location
  • Retrieve Multimedia
  • Website History
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Instant Alerts and Notifications
  • Retrieve Contacts and Calendar
  • Filter Apps
  • Backup and Restore
  • Retrieve Email
  • Check Mobile Data Usage
  • Restrict Phone Time
  • Multiple Device Management
  • Remote Uninstall
  • Free Archive App

These features are the comforts that parents have been seeking. If you suspect that your child is engaging in activity that is questionable or you simply want to ensure their safety, this software can offer you just that.