What to do before your phone is lost or stolen


A few years back, if you lost your Nokia 3210 or had it stolen it wasn’t a big deal. Surely, the loss of your text messages, contact details and snake high score might be a hurting blow, but you’d be able to get a stand-in and move on rather quickly. Nowadays, sneaking a look at someone’s smartphone discloses much, much more. A smartphone can be crowded with our close friends, confidential documents, contacts, Facebook posts, photos, location data, and Tweets as well as access to personal banking, shopping and social networking tools.

Smartphones with the ability to store significant amounts of information can put you at risk if it is lost or stolen. Fortunately, security progressions have kept up with smart phone development, so remotely tracking, locking & wiping data is an easy-to-setup reality. With apps like Prey, you can turn the potential disaster of having your phone lost or stolen, into a minor inconvenience.

If your phone gets lost or is stolen, Prey can lock it to prevent further use, restore your calls/message history, and even locate and track its location. It does a remarkable job of covering everything you’d be nervous about if your phone went missing. It offers everything from real-time GPS location tracking (showing your phone’s location on a map via web interface) and the ability to remotely wipe your phone in case it is stolen.

For tracking the location of a phone, Prey has predefined features, which can record location updates at a specific interval and upload them to your Prey account. Also included are SMS Commands which allows users to send commands to the lost phone by a silent SMS message. Get the current GPS location, SIM card information, Lock or Unlock the phone, Wipe the device and more.

Prey tracking software functions in stealth mode and is featured with the ability to automatically detect location changes. Once the software is installed onto the phone, it turns your phone into a powerful tracking tool. The software uploads the logs of data to a private online account which can be viewed by users for tracking the phone GPS logs any time.

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